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Posted by on 2012/11/10 under Friends

I have a lot of things in mind of my friends…

First of all, Im not all that social,I dont have a ‘Best Friend’ as all of you guys out there have, I use to but she found a new friend, in school I sit next to a girl, she act nice to teachers,has a good rep, but when she around me, thats another story…i’ll tell you that later.
I’m known in school for sports and good grades, but not for my looks,Yes, Im fat,OK I admit it I just think im fat,Im actually jut a little flabby
Not a lot of people care about me in my school, if i had a cut, no one would care, if i had a bruise, no one would care, if I got scolded, no one would care, and i dont even know why they dont care about me, i thought they were suppose to be my FRIENDS
I am very social on the internet, but not with the normal stuff like facebook,no
I’m very social on Wattpad
OK, about the girl that sits next to me, everyday she would ‘borrow’ my stuff without permission, when she WOULD return it, she would throw it right at my face
She would call me names, she would get angry about the littlest things, she would mess things up for me, she’s the worst, but shes only nice around the teachers and I hate it

Thats all I have to say about these so called ‘FRINDS’

One thought on “What I feel

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are plenty of people like that in my life. I didn’t have a “Best Friend” either. I had friends, but they didn’t treat me the way friends should. My best friend is currently a senior in college, and I rarely get to see her. However, I trust her with everything. The only advice I can give you is only talk to people that make you smile. Only trust people who like the same things as you and have the same morals that you do. As far as your image goes, a true friend won’t care. Remember, a best friend doesn’t have to be someone you see everyday. A best friend just has to be the person you trust with your life. They should be the person who still thinks you’re amazing, despite all of your flaws and weaknesses. I hope someday you will find your Best Friend, because your best friend will make life a lot better and a lot more entertaining. 🙂

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