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Posted by on 2012/09/08 under Friends

My friends have been blowing me off a lot lately and I am questioning the value of my relationships with them. I have lots of “friends” in theory, but when I truly think about it, I don’t really have that one person I can always talk to and vent my feelings without being judged. I don’t feel wanted to any person, no one seeks my presence. I just want one friend, one I can genuinely trust and share feelings with, and that would make my life so much more enjoyable. Whether it be a girlfriend or just some nice person, anyone with an open mind that doesn’t judge me for who I strive to be is what I’m looking for. That’s why I searched for anonymous social networking site because I want my feelings to be heard without embarrassing myself in front of others. I have the respect of most people, I just don’t have their attention. I am a benevolent person who sees the good in people, and I almost feel that someone similar to me would complement what I’m looking for in a special friend. My plea won’t find me one, but it feels so much better to get it off my chest.

2 thoughts on “Hard to find good friends…

  1. sueanna says:

    I know how you feel i wish i had a friend to talk to that wouldnt judge me..

  2. inquisitiveintrovert says:

    Something that’s always bothered me is how easily I could let myself drift away from people. Up until around two years ago, I had never really had friends. I had been a friend to a lot of people, but not one saw it fit to return the favor. As a result, I find myself always questioning the motives of people who seem to like
    me and who seem to want to be my friend. I’m also s*** at small talk. Don’t see the point, really. When I found people who, after having been exposed tiny weirdness for extended periods of time, have still wanted to be my friend. I find that finding people that are people you think are interesting, not people that you’re supposed to think are interesting. Get to know them. And be you. If you act like someone other than you, in the eyes of others you will be that person. And you will have to keep pretending to be that person. Acting like yourself is so much easier. I’ve learned that talking helps too. Though none of this is probably helpful to you. Well, I’m not very good at the talking bits. And when I do, I tend to ramble. I’m good at listening, though. If you ever need someone to listen, vent, or talk to, feel free to email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]" >[email protected]
    If you choose not to, I wish you the best in life!

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