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Posted by on 2012/08/31 under Friends

So, at school i was hanging with my best friend, but theres ALWAYS this kid who comes and follows us everywere. and its anyoying.he acts like a 10 year old and we are all in 8th. so i decided to go and sit with another group of friends that i have a chance with. i felt pretty good, but then i dident. i ditched me best friend since for ever, for a bunch of people i hardly even i went back and sat with her, and asked if she would forgive me, but she dident give me a soild answer till i passed her a note and we talked, and got ready for car-pick up. then we gave eachother a big hug and said goodbye. like the good old times..but i dont know what to do tomarrow..i mean..should i hang out with my best friend or the other group? i dont want to be judged,but i also want to hang out with people who actually like me.i have this fear since i got bullyied in 4rth grade.everytime i think about this i have sucidal thoughts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should definetely choose your best friend!! I know bullying is bad, and stupid, but at least you know you have your best friend to support you! If your best friend is a person you can talk to, be yourself with, have fun with.. Then it’s not worth loosing for some idiots! Hope you make the right choice.

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