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Posted by on 2012/08/30 under Friends

I have new friends this year and I m hoping I don’t ruin it but already after four days of school my personality is like, whack and I sound younger than I am even though I look older than I am and better yet I’m crushing on a new male friend, who has a girlfriend for like two years, today I tried to not talk to him much but then he goes and pokes me and makes me smile and like I don’t want to mess with his girlfriend but I’m hoping so bad that they break up but they seem so good with each other, so i thought maybe I can win him over, does that sound evil?, but my personality is like the opposite of who I am and I’m wondering whats wrong with me, but next to the crush on my new friend I also wish a new boy could come to the class so my my weird hormones could attach him and leave this awesome boy I call my friend alone. honestly i think Im VERY emotional, and Hormonal.
Wow that felt good to write…Really good. I think I alredy solved my problem but that felt nice. You should try this 😀

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