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Posted by on 2012/08/09 under Friends

Why do I keep trying for a friend who quits trying for no reason. My friend stops talking to me and gets mad for no reason. Why do I keep trying when she only keeps walking out the door. When she’s fine it’s great. But other than that I cant handle it. She is this way with my roommate, too. But not with our other friend who is always jealous when I am with my roommate. I don’t understand!!!! That other friend gets mad that I am always hanging out with my roommate and always studying with her. But we are in the same major, and the same classes, unlike her, so I don’t understand! She also gets mad when I hang out with my boyfriend, my roommate, and my roommates boyfriend. Do I just choose the wrong friends?? I guess this is the reason why most of my friends in high school were guys.

One thought on “Sick and tired

  1. silvermist says:

    its always said boys are better friends than girls and i think that maybe shes feeling left out because shes constantly seeing u eith your roomate i have friends like that and they are constantly angry at each other for some reason

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