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Posted by on 2012/07/06 under Friends

So my friend and i have known eachother for about two years. we met through volleyball and our relationship went upward from there. until recently. She has been in a place now where she thinks shes all that, pretty, popular, etc. She sort of is though. I’m popular in my school but you know, I don’t act like I’m all that. She began ignoring my texts and even admits it. She wasn’t mad at me, but just did that I guess to prove shes better than me. Stupid me, decided to be okay with that and go on “worshiping” her i guess. She constantly tried to call me a loner. She does this to impress other people and proving shes “better” than me. She basically does everything possible to bring me down, but still in a way that we will still be on good terms or “friends”. Recently, I’ve been ignoring her, doing whatever possible to make her notice, because truthfuly, she needs to know. What should i do to just set her straight.

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  1. Flame says:

    You know, if she really was your friend, a heart to heart talk should get her to understand. If she still doesn’t understand then well, you need to know there’s nothing you can do. Maybe this is just one of those she’s gotta realise on her own for her to learn.

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