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Posted by on 2012/05/11 under Friends

Just a number… Just a number… Just a number. Thats all i am to you. I spent half a year getting to know you, only to be the type of friends who cant say hi to each other in the halls. But with that other guy, it took him two weeks and now you guys are attached at the hip, even consider yourselves “butt buddies.” wow. I tried my best to get to know you and keep talking to you, but you rejected my texts and never replied, only building up the frustrating wonder of why do i even try anymore? That isn’t friendship. That’s a shame. But all as well. If you dont make an effort to be in my lIfe, i wont bother to reserve you a special place in my heart, and im sure I had one reserved for you at one point… But im just a number to you… Just a number… Just a number.

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