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Posted by on 2012/04/29 under Friends

So Graduation is in three weeks. In three weeks we will be done with High School forever. Am I scared? HELL yeah. Am I glad? HELL yeah. Am I going to miss people? HELL yeah. I’m going to miss those drama days, when I used slap Gavin on the back. I’m going to miss hiding with Zack in Mrs. Christie’s dark room. I’m going to miss Mr. Polson. Everything about him and his class, I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss coming to school and seeing everyone. I’m going to miss singing in Mz. Scott’s class. I’m even going to miss hearing Mr. Bouche’s long speeches. So with that said, do I regret anything? HELL Yeah. I regret not spending more time with everybody. I regret not saying what I wanted to say. I regret not telling people how I felt/feel about them. But would I go back and change what I did?….No
Thank you all. We are the Class of 2012!!!

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