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Posted by on 2018/04/28 under Friends

A person and I met a few years ago in a class. We've taken a few classes together since then by coincidence and at one point, we became good friends with one another.
This year, I guess was different. We didn't talk much, nor did we sit with each other. Instead, we sat on opposite sides of the room and practically acted like strangers to each other. We studied together once for an exam and that was it.
Today, I guess I greeted them in the wrong way before class. I greeted them as though we were still good friends, or at the very least, on good terms; a pat on the head. I just thought it would be okay because it was how I used to greet them, but I guess it wasn't anymore.

To my (former) friend:
I am sorry I did that.
I am sorry you feel that way.
I am glad you confronted me about it in person after class and told me to stop.
I am glad you told me that you held in your disdain towards me for doing so.
I understand. I don't blame you and I won't call you unreasonable.

I guess a pat on the head is just not for everyone.. and nor is my friendship..

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