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Posted by on 2011/10/26 under Friends

I never wanted to be in the middle, yet here I am; In-between two of my best friends… I admit, one of them I’ve know since I was 5 and the other one since I was 13 but still… She went and kissed him when he’s with her best friend. And now I’m stuck between two people who I love dearly. She used to love him and then She dumped him… She craves male attention and the chase for guys and he’s just happy being who he is, with who he’s with. I’m happy being friends with him and her separately buy he’s so angry at the moment, he never get’s angry ever… In all my years of knowing him… She changes people, she manipulates them to what she wants them to be and wraps them round her finger, dropping them when t’s convenient for her… I feel sorry for her. I want them both in my life but it’s hard.

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