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Posted by on 2011/10/09 under Friends

We were just coming back from a party, a boy in the year below was being followed by 2 guys near us. They grabbed him and we tried to get them to let go but they said they were going to shank him. We pulled him and when the guys were arguing with my friends i told the boy to cross the road. He did, and then the boys started getting violent and saying they were going to bottle my friends. The girls in out group crossed the road, but they boys stayed and argued. The guys bottled our friends. 2 got smacked in the face with a glass bottle and it smashed on their faces, theyre in hospital now and i’m crying, it’s horrible. The one who got hit first disappeared and we couldn’t find him for half and hour. The boy in the year below came straight back in the car with his parents though and they called the police/ambulance at least.

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  1. Here to listen says:

    Oh, my gosh I hope you’re okay… That just sounds so horrible…. What you didd for that poor guy was so brave of you. I’m so sorry… Feel better soon

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