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Posted by on 2013/03/17 under Friends

I have this friend.. I knew her since 1st grade.. You see, everything was fine and all we were close. One day she told me that she was happy for some reason when I was absent in school. I thought she was joking and so I told her “Is it because I embarrass you in front of your crush?” She just agreed with me. I was kinda sad but I let it go.. Ever since that day she changed.. She kept ignoring me little by little and one day she just flat out ignored me. I didn’t know what happen so I asked some of our friends.. They said that she thinks I like her crush. I don’t, I used to but not anymore. We kept drifting apart.. Now she tells me that Asian guys are ugly (she’s not racist) just because I like Asian guys. She kept telling me that I threw a book at a teacher when I was young and I was blaming other people and I was mean to her crush. I find it very odd since I don’t remember ANY of that. Sure I was mean when I was like in 1st or 2nd grade but it’s because they were mean to me. I changed too but not to the extent that I would hurt my best friend. We hardly talk to each other anymore and I don’t even want to be near her sometimes. She just hurt me all the time.. emotionally not physically.. What happened? Sorry for this long passage..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes… people separate from each other. Not for any particular reason, just because other things happen. People change and life does not stop for anybody and it is something we have to accept. I hope you see this past friend as merely a memory and stop worrying about it. Move on and find other people that are there for you. Good Luck ,xx

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