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Posted by on 2013/02/26 under Friends

I loved how we spoke everyday. You were the closest friend I’ve ever had. Now though, we barely talk as though we never knew each other to begin with. I know you might have misunderstood that I liked you or that I confessed to you despite me having a girlfriend last time we hung out. So I’m guessing you’re avoiding talking to me because you find our friendship weird now. I’ll admit, I do like you.. But, I didn’t confess anything last time we spoke and I can’t see us being more than best friends. Now, I feel like I just lost a piece of my heart and I beat myself up everyday for it.

Every time I get a phone call from a number now that I don’t know, I pick up because I always hope it’s you and that you might have just changed your number. And every time I received a text message, I unlock my phone hoping your name would appear on my messages. Not a day passes by where I’m not thinking about you or what you’re up to.. I don’t even know if you’ve been hurt since then so I worry something happened to you.

We were seen as inseparable by others, and you always came to me when you needed someone the most. You decided to make me your closest friend.. I remember those times you’d tug on my arm or hand and always said, “Come with me.” and held my hand as you dragged me to where you wanted to go.. Whenever we hugged, I felt loved.. I aimed and hoped that I would be your best friend for life. Please, don’t let it end this way.. Please.. Talk to me again..

I miss those long talks..

I miss those hugs..

I miss your smile..

I miss you, my best friend, “Neko-chan”..

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