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Posted by on 2012/11/29 under Uncategorized

If you have seen my last post- STW9999 title name is broken. You’ll understand this.. So this boy, my love… everyday, I see him and his new girlfriend every day, it seems like almost everywhere I walk at school I see them and I get even more heartbroken. Never in a million years did I think that he would be the one boy breaking my heart. Never. I just want him to be mine again.<3 all I want.. I wanna spend Christmas with him, kissing under the mistletoe… I wanna kiss him at New Years. I wanna cuddle him when its cold. I just want him. and its nit fair I cant have him anymore, not to mention he plays with my heart every day in first block and always talks to me. He knows me better than a lot of people, he should know im broken, and just want HIM. this boy melts my heart, not in just how he treated me, but in how much he loves the Lord, to me, that's more important. id take that over a sexy body any day. this boy… is everything ive ever wanted.

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