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Saturday 16th July 2011


Hey its me again,,,, messaged you yesterday to see if we are talking you said yes i asked how life was you said fine and that was that… i thought i should leave you alone… want to talk to you…. Love you xxxx

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Tuesday 5th July 2011

sitting here re reading my old posts and it brings a smile to my face….. So wish you could read them even just once….. then you would know what I am feeling and how i feel….Would it make a difference to you????? DMF FOREVER xxxx

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Friday 17th June 2011

I never thought it was possible to miss someone as much as i miss you…. I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I love you….. And especially when you are not a permanent part of my life well actually you are not in my life… In that i mean we [..more..]

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Saturday 16th April 2011

Why Why do I allow you to do this to me….. Why do I allow you to suck me in each and every time…… I hate you for it……Is it so bloody hard to tell the truth to tell a person how you really feel whether its what I want to hear or not…… It [..more..]

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Thursday 14th April 2011

The days are so long and the nights so empty…Just wishing you would ring or message……I cant keep going on with this love I have for you bottled up inside…. I want to shout it from the roof tops that its you I love and want to be with…. I dont care that your younger [..more..]

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Tuesday 12th April 2011

My trip down South was good but not…. Good because it gave me time away from here but not because it didnt include you…. I didnt even see you although I did do a couple of drive bys wishing you would come out just at that moment but then scared in case you did…..I cant [..more..]

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Thursday 31st March 2011

Not a minute of a day goes by that I dont think of you….Dreaming of you and I in ever possible scenario…. God how I wish some of them would come true…. In my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times, held you close and loved you passionately a million times…. . God why [..more..]

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