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Monday 13th August 2012


Idkk, iv’e been just irritated about any little thing lately. I ask for a simple favor and it can’t be done like wtf watch when you want something don’t ecspect me to do it for you i can’t stand living here at my parents house any longer i wanna just leave and be on my [..more..]

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Friday 10th August 2012

Real Kids

Hi, my name is Claudia. I am 11 years old and I am going to write about what really goes on in my class. You proboubly think kids my age are talking about shows on disney channell, but let me be the one to tell you your wrong. Most of the kids in my class [..more..]

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Sunday 15th July 2012


Oscar Gearlin, chillin in this b****, got nothing to say, pull a cone watch it rip. Gonna get higher, timing it is quick from the chronda that i sip. x2 Yeah, im chillin in this bed while i rap, watch the time go, feet back, Peter Direens fat, Haha just jokin this rap is not [..more..]

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Monday 20th June 2011

Roadies is rigged.Pls don’t watch it.

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