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Hi guys.

I just got really bored. So I searched ‘Write your feelings out’ on google.. then they gave me this site. I really didn’t know they had such a site like this. Pretty weird but I’m gonna try this. Oh well here I go.

I’m in love with a guy. He’s not the perfect guy. He’s not the one. Definitely. I see through all his flaws and imperfections and I see a good guy right there. I don’t know whether it’s just me or.. i dunno. I guess it’s just me. In year 1, in my country it’s the start of high school. 13 years old. Anyway back to my story.

In year 1, I got to know him really well. He’s actually really nice and all but people see him as arrogant, egoistic and yeahh.. but who isn’t right? He was one of those guys who were really disliked. Except I knew him better and I understood him better than most of our friends. We used to hang out a lot and stuff and that’s when things got serious. Obviously, I liked him..that was why I wanted to get to know him more. But I had no intention of being his girlfriends or anything. I mean, c’mon..I’m 13. I’m obviously not ready. Until he told me one day.. he liked me. For real.

And I was like, ‘uhmm.. actually I do too.’ But I didn’t get together with him straight away. I just told him I liked him but I wasn’t ready for that type for relationship. So things were cool for a few months. We hung out as usual and nothing changed really. We were just still close friends. Until after a few months. He suddenly stopped talking to me, stopped texting me and blocked me of facebook. It was just sudden. We didn’t have a fight or anything. he just suddenly stopped talking to me. And I mean by every means of social interaction.

I wanted to ask why but I didn’t have the balls to do it with his friends always around him so I asked him online on facebook with a message. With my feelings poured out. How i missed him and everything. I mean I was pretty much in love.. and at a young age I took it pretty hard. I cried a a lot. I told myself to get over it but I couldn’t. He didn’t reply my message of course. He just left things that way. Without a reason or any answers.

And then… Two years passed by. We still walk passed each other in school and stuff.. but still nothing. I was invisible to him. I wasn’t crying or dramatic about it anymore.. I mean, it was two years ago. I was finally mentally stable. But of course it hurts thinking about how we used to be. I don’t know whether I’m still in love with him now or not but every time he walks by.. I can’t help but take every chance I get to look at him. What a great guy he turned out to be. The first year in high school, he was the arrogant and stuck- up guy. Now in our third year, he’s one the most nicest guy in school.. well, according to the rumors I hear.

And I’m still me. The not-so popular/not- so nerdy me.

I’m kinda jealous of how people are accepting him and knowing him like how i used to. But I’m still the same old girl that apparently some people hate. I’m not really close to any of my friends they’re just people i hang with. And i do appreciate them. But I didn’t have a best friend to share my problems and secrets with. He was that person. He used to be. And now we’re strangers. Oh I forgot.. one part.. a year ago, he used to make people hate me. That’s why until now people still do. No they don’t physically abuse me.. they just you know.. talk trash about me behind my back.. literally behind my back. I don’t know why I put up with them. With him. Treating me like s***. I just sat back my watch my high school years turn upside down.

Look. I’m not trying to get attention or anything just letting out my feelings. I don’t expect advice to patch things up. Really I don’t. I kind of gave up a little but I don’t know..

So life’s a Witch right now..

I don’t know what else to say.

I hope you guys treasure what you have. And if your best guy friend or girl friend turn against you out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Join in the club.

One thought on “He hates me. I love him. Join in the club :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are not alone. Four years ago, this guy told me he liked me and I told him I felt the same way. We dated for about four months (I know, short time) And then one day, he never talked to me again. Never texted me, never called me, never looked at me. I eventually got over him when I met other boys and stuff. But one day, my curiosity cracked and I had to ask him why he did such a thing to me. He told me that he ended things with me because he was nervous. He was afraid to fall in love with me because he didn’t want his heart broken so he had to move on. I found that to be so dumb because he broke my heart in the end! Yep, boys are confusing. Just remember that life goes on and there are millions of other guys. 🙂

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