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i have a test 2morrow…i hope i do good, cause i’ve been studying for this test…am just not a good test taker…when i see a test i blank out and forget what i learned before hand…am just so scared…if i do bad on this test and my test on friday…then what am i here for…its like my body wants me to go home but my mind is saying stick it out…. i just hope i do good, cause am not an failure…and i don’t know want to fail…ughhh so stress out, that am eating myself to death…am feeling my pain, all my feelings on food…and i need to stop doing that…idk wats wrong with me…is college right for me…i need a friend to talk to, because i feel so alone right now…and i hate being lonely…i do things that are not good…ughh life….can i live my life or not

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know exactly how you feel.. I get nervous as hell when it comes to tests too it’s normal, hopfully you did good, and if you didn’t it ok. you can’t always be good 🙂

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