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Posted by on 2012/08/29 under Uncategorized

Ok so today I want to talk about my mom. Right now she is not my favorite person in the world. She doesn’t like my sleeping sleeping habbits. I like to come home from school and take a 2 hour power nap regardless of the sleep I got the might before. She can’t stand that she just wants me to be a happy child who always smiles and is perfect. Well today is a different thing this morning she got into my face and said that she never wants me to map again. I give her a ya right look and just say “yes ma’am” but today when she got home and I was sleeping she threatened to beate if I ever fell asleep and go do my homework. I can’t do my homework right now I’m hating everything ANC she is still convinced that she is the boss of me and that I will just submit to her. That ain’t f***ing happening.

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