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Why? Why did she make fun of my mental illness (depression) she has been my friend for four years FOUR years. She knows about what went on in school. How people what tell me to kill myself and call me stupid and retard. She has depression why doesn’t she understand how serious mental illness is? Is she socially inept? I don’t understand what is so funny about my mental illness. Three attempts I had made on my life so far. Each attempt I have been hospitalized it was hell. When I told her about my hospitalization I thought she would understand instead of laughing and cracking jokes. I have now gotten the coping skills to cope with these feelings,but I STILL FEEL. People: friends family, etc, when they heard of my hospitalization they act like I already died. They see me as a ghost a shell of myself. I am still ME its ME just because I have mental illness doesn’t mean that I have changed. They treated me like a plant:the know I am still alive, they know that I eat and drink, but apparently I don’t know how to do anything else. Every thing that has made me human has been stripped away from me. I am just a living non thinking being. Then there are people who make jokes about depression this is the sickest kind of humor. Making jokes about cutting and s. People joke about it at COLLEGE for christ sakes what is wrong with our society.You wanna know something? 1 in 5 people have depression 1 in 5. That means every suicide joke you scream within 10 miles there is someone who is struggle with depression. You know how many people walk on campus each day? I could be on the breaking point and you wouldn’t know it. Point is if you want to joke about killing yourself don’t scream about it, just sit down around the lunch time and joke about offing yourself among the other idiots. No one thinks its cute or funny. The people who joke about this kind of thing usually don’t have a lot of emotional intelligence in the first place.So here is my proposal we need to start sending these people in for mental evaluation. I will start a program that ensures that each idiot who makes a joke about any form of depression or mental illness is evaluated. Why? To joke about such a thing makes you pretty sadistic in fact you are mentally ill yourself if you consider depression a joke. Its like making a joke about AIDs ITS NOT FUNNY. You need help you really do that goes for everyone that does this famous or not, poor or rich, depressed or not the act of cutting or suicide is never ever funny. Before I am done I would like to say to all the trolls and haters who are more than likely going to make fun of me, and tell me to kill myself: GET A LIFE If you honestly don’t have anything else to do in life other than sitting around and making fun of people then you congrats you don’t have a life.WAY TO GO you are only proving to every person who is going to read this that you are in fact pathetic. To bully and harass people to the point of death is MURDER plain and simple. The blood is on your hands!!!! And once you say something guess what? You can never take it back. So if you don’t like what I write I assume most people won’t like this then don’t comment. Just don’t it doesn’t even matter considering I won’t be looking at this agian. I am fine the way I am if you don’t like me don’t talk to me!!!

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