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Posted by on 2012/07/15 under Uncategorized

A risk taker, passionate, thrill seeker…

Ditsy, Scatty, disorganised, alone…….. struggling.

This is who I am. Twenty-two and trying to find myself.

I have all these big plans and ideas and I keep trying, but keep getting knocked back.

I am inexperienced and I have flaws. But I am willing to learn and grow. It’s a shame that I can’t get any body to teach me… Job hunting is the most demoralising thing. Lack of money is even more demoralising. Moving to London, away from everything you know…. exciting, but not when your jobless, demoralised and without.

People put you down and don’t understand your dreams. Tell you it won’t happen. Talk down to you. Treat you like a child.

I feel trapped. Bored. Scared.

FIGHT FIGHT, keep on trucking.

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