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You lied to me…I dont even know how to feel right now…maybe you didnt know…but then again maybe you did…but the sad thing is I cant even tell you whats really going on in fear of you just completely blaming me…so I will hush but its hard to go back to the old me when I didnt know what really was going on…I thought I was your one true love but I guess you lied…time for me to face the real world I guess…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I doubt this is to me, but I feel as if it fits my current situation so I’ll get it off my chest. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out. I still care about you. I never truly lied when I said the things I did. I meant them, but I also think I was lost in lust. You’re an amazing person and helped me out through so much, I just hope you can forgive me and be friends. I’m not who you need in life, I can’t fulfill your expectations without damaging myself and I know that. Please forgive me.

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