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Posted by on 2012/04/04 under Uncategorized

I have a crush on a guy same as my age and only 4 months older than me. He kept flirting with me and and with that, I liked him even more. I’ve liked him ever since year 2010 around the month of August, 3 days after his birthday.

I haven’t really notice him at school before, simply because I was just new. He let me believe that he likes me, but in reality: he’s just playing with my feelings. My friends always said that I was really obsess with the guy and I kept denying it but I always talk about him. After a year, I found out that he has a girlfriend and it crushed my soul. He flirts with every girl but the only one he loves is my best friend. She knows it and keeps rejecting him. After a while, a guy who was really good in music got my attention, with just one smile, he caught me. It was on the same day I met the guy from earlier.

I became close with this cute guy who was a year younger than me, but when I talk to him, it feels like that he’s older than me. He noticed that I like him and he doesn’t like that. He doesn’t want me pestering him but he kept replying to my messages, WTH?!

I like him and he was the first guy I ever cried for. What will I do? Will I push myself further and just confess? But I don’t want him to be awkward with me.

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