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So I have a boyfriend I’m 17 years old I live with my next door neighbors because of family problems and I wasn’t allowed to have a bf or go out at all very strict anyway he was one of my main reasons why I moved out we have been together for 6 months( half a year already) and he was the first one to say I love you to me which means a lot to me because I didn’t have to be the one feeling weird or insecure because what if I said it and he wouldn’t had said it back or even loved me, anyway he said it first and today we were supposed to see each other but he decided to go to work instead sometimes I think he just wants to stay away from me like he can’t stand me then I think that he prolly went to see some other chick or that he’s cheating on me idk what to think we haven’t had sex in forever(we only done it 2x) not because he doesn’t want to but because we don’t have protection all the time that we get turned on and so sometimes I think he just doesn’t want to because what if he has another girlfriend and doesn’t want to cheat on her and I’m the one to blame I get all these crazy thoughts in my head even though I know I’m not … I think he’s annoyed by me cheating on me or cheating on the other one. Idk anymore he gets mad really easy he smokes a lot of pot could that be it ..?

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