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Posted by on 2012/03/22 under Uncategorized

Is it possible to love someone too much? I’ve been with my boyfriend for four months, and although it may seem like a little- I feel as if I’ve been with him for a little over a year. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and he says the same about me, too. Whenever we’re together,it’s a mixture of passion and intimacy… I don’t even know. I’m worried that this type of relationship might not go on forever, although I really hope that we get a hold of ourselves and continue on with this beautiful relationship. Another one of my worries if that we’re going off to college soon… It’s most probable that we’re going to different colleges and I’m not sure if I can handle a long distance relationship. Thinking about losing him drives me near depression, since he has been the only source of pure happiness in my life so far. I love him so much that it hurts, and I’m not sure if asking all these questions and having so many doubts about the future is healthy.

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