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Posted by on 2011/11/16 under Uncategorized

Oh my gosh I just want to walk down the stairs and yell at both of your for your total lack of respect. If its not one thing its another. You don’t seem to get how much the noise bothers other people in this house. I don’t want to bombarded with Christmas-crap yet. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in your presence and flat out told you to your face and what are y’all doing. Playing Christmas music loud enough that I can hear you over the TV in my room. You refuse to respect the fact that we don’t need the A/C running cause it’s f-ing NOVEMBER and 52 degrees outside, but just cause you’re afraid of a few bugs and won’t open your windows we’re stuck freezing our tuckuses off. You know what, grow up. Join the real world. You’re not living with Mommy and Daddy any more. You want to be adults, start acting like them. Take responsibility for yourself and show respect for the other people you live with, or f***ing move out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand I just posted one about the same thing, my neighbor upstairs is a creep and is really pissing me off with his dam noise.

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