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Posted by on 2013/05/12 under Uncategorized

I have so many thoughts, the subjects vary all of the time and all of my opinions are wasted. No one would spend the time to listen to my confusing theories or point of view. Why should I waste my precious thoughts in a diary or on this here website when no one would read them, and even if they did, they wouldn’t acknowledge it. I want to be able to have everyone be heard, have a partner who listens to everything they have to say because what we have to say is important. Even if we all don’t agree on the same thing, I love to listen, mostly because I’ve learned not to judge others but to make an attempt to help.
However, I’m the one who needs help first.

One thought on “Thoughts

  1. J says:

    Hey sir/ma’am, I always put my thoughts here, and always read other peoples thoughts and love reading them and seeing if I can help. If u ever need any advice or anyone to talk to, just put something like “to J” or something 🙂 . And I always read every single post, am on here on a hourly basis, so ever need anyone, just give me a shout. 🙂

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