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I have a problem
every time im happy i remember that eventually i will die. This makes me not be able to enjoy life.
But the i think…. Why do i even need to enjoy life if im going to die?
some people say:
You might as well enjoy it if you only live once #YOLO HAHAHAHAH.


what is the freaking point. i see nothing productive out of changing the world or curing cancer or saving lives or anything.
i am so desensitized that when people in my life die ( Ex. My grandpa) I was not actually sad. At his funeral when everyone was crying, i was smiling because i was celebrating his life and i didnt care that he died, because i know that i will be there some day also and that even if it is in 60 or even 70 years, that is nothing compared to the anout of time i will be dead for (forever).

Ok that was one dumbass thought of mine. heres another:

Scenario #1: You are religious and believe in heaven.
You die and go up to heaven and god accepts you. you start living in heaven. forever. thats right. forever. wtf why would anyone want to do something forever? That means you will ‘live’ and NEVER die. take a moment and think about that. NEVER. here ill give you some room to think..
Its a long f***ing time. how does living in a place where everything is perfect change anything? you still live for freking ever. EVENTUALLY, you as a being would have done everything that is possible in this universe/heaven. then what?
do it again?
then what?
you see my point?

Scenario #2: You do not believe in heaven/not religious:
You die and thats it. you are gone forever. think about THAT!!
THAT s*** is freaking terryfing. honestly. Think about it.

It means that you as a being/soul/human/decomposed bones will never be able to COMREHEND anything ever again.

Life sucks.

2 thoughts on “>TheWorldIsDumb

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I read this and I have the same problm at times I lie in bed and think about it too much and I get this horrible cold shiver run up my spine because I think s***! One day I actuall will not be here not question about it. Then I feel all alone. But you have to realise even if you don’t believe in god even if you do believe that once you die you die. There’s one thing to remember. One day meven before you die, soemthing will happen, something that makes you stop and think…there was a reason for me being here there was a reason I was put on this each and you will stop and realise that there was a reason. And I think that you will be really glad. I promise you that. One day you will be glad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok. I know you are worried about death and dying and all that stuff. I know, I have before. But then I realized,” Why the Hell am I worried? It is not even here yet.” Do things every day and love life and then at the end, you can realize you had a good life and you are ready to leave a legacy behind. I have one thing to tell you, whoever you are. Carpe Diem. “Seize the Day.” Fall in love, eat too much chocolate ice cream, laugh until your stomach hurts, fail a test, and start a diary. Tell someone how you really feel. Wear crazy socks. Just do whatever the hell you want and be whoever the hell you are. And love life. Because that is what matters in the end. What are you going to do? Because if you spend all your time worrying about dying, you will find that you lived your life technically “dead” already. Some people reach the day they die and realize that they never lived. And I know that is deep, but all I’m saying is to stop worrying and love it all. Take it all in. .xx

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