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i know im only 12. many would say im too young to worry about this stuff. but they don’t know how mature i really am. i wish people would understand how i feel. they think i have a perfect life. no doubt about it, my life is good. but i wish that there weren’t people in this world like blake and ashlyn and mckenzey…its like their motto is “keep putting people down, you know it makes you feel better”. they never stop making you feel like a piece of sh*t. sigh. they have like 67531657481 different personalities. one minute, they hate you, and they will never speak to them again. then, the teacher says, get a partner, and they buddy buddy with you. then, they go back to hating you because you told them no. i love clayton. i really do. again, i know im 12. but still. i have known him for 8 or 9 years and he is one of my best friends. ashlyn has broken him time and time again and he keeps going back and i don’t get it, he used me to make her jealous >.< i'm going to go now, bye (:

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