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I know it sounds really bad when I say it like this but, I just wanna move out soooo bad. My parents don’t understand the meaning of privacy and freedom. I’m not asking for like let me do whatever I want. All Im asking for is let me go watch a movie with someone, but no, I can’t even do that 🙁 and I’m in high school, I mean wtf? I know they care about me, but they shouldn’t be f***ing overprotective. I wanna have some fun in life! I’m already under depression, and the one thing that makes me happy, I’m not allowed to do :'( I’m not angry in any way just extremely sad :'( I haven’t felt happiness in a looooooong time, like about 3 years now. I wish I could go back to the happy me that I was. I used to be happy bcoz I was a kid, the hardest part of my life was finishing homework that’s due tomorrow. And now f***ing real problems. Please mom and dad, go away bcoz I still love you, do u really want to stay until I hate you coz I know thts going to happen extremely soon with all the things u r doing to me. And I really want to talk to someone abt this, but I don’t have any friends, just my gf but we haven’t been dating long and I’m not sure if we are gonna stay together or not, I mean I hope and pray that we will, but we never know right? Whatever, in this selfish world no one cares about me anyways.

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