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Well, once again I am back in the same place. I am not putting a blanket or pretend my sad life doesn’t exist. No more crying for s*** that don’t deserve my tears. I accept my wrongs and forgive myself. I will not punish myself for what I did not know or mistaking for the right decision. I am human and I did more good than harm. If the people I did good by, choose to hate me, than so be it. I am already dead. Awaken by the painfulness that I cannot endure anymore. It is time I make peace with myself. I have rise when others expected me to fail. I am not the voice, arms nor legs of anyone anymore. I exist, I am here, I have feelings, needs, yes I am human not a beast. It is time I stand up for myself. If those people I did well by, turn away from me, so be it. I have one man and one man only I should please. Which is the man above. I choose to only accept and please him. He is the only one that’s has the right to judge me. I live for him; I am here because of him. I will say NO until I can stand on my two feet. Anger will not control me. Pass memories of those who failed me, will no longer exist. I start my journey to self-satisfactio

One thought on “Lost and Confuse Part II

  1. Jenna says:

    Hey wait a minute you said no anger will be near and here you are saying the s word. Gosh and that’s not funny my dad really died and I’m only nine

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