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Posted by on 2011/08/11 under Uncategorized

I kind of dont feel real anymore … i feel like one night i’ll go to sleep and then ill just wake up and a new life will be waiting for me. But isnt that Death? Will i just move on and my soul will pass to another body? what i dont understand is that can my life even be wasted if im not even real. I feel there is just a real universe out there and i just live in one and im born to be hated and to struggle and one day like a bursting bubble I’ll just awake and be happy. These thoughts got me thinking about suicide a lot lately and i just feel so worthless after my parents just absolutely hate me and have told me the wished i wasnt around and i really dont have friends but a few very close ones and really who would miss me? why does my incredibly insignificant life have any importance?

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