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Posted by on 2013/03/13 under Uncategorized

Why exactly is it every time we break up…. i want you back? I mean, you’ve made it very clear that you dont want or need me anymore! But… i feel like i wanna say i love you after every time we talk! Basically, i cant get you outta my head! I want you back! Scratch that.. I NEED YOU BACK!!!!! But i cant talk to anyone about it though.. They’ll just be like.. “I Dont Care” TBH, i wanna talk to you about my feelings for you… But im scared that you’ll tell me you dont feel the same way…????????


2 thoughts on “Aww Snap… I got feelings for you again

  1. Person says:

    Just do it!! Say what you feel, otherwise you will regret not saying it in the future. Trust me, i have a lot of regrets. Good luck xox

  2. breanna says:

    ok my boyfriend got my sister earring. 🙁 what should i do. i want to kill her. lol not really

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