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Lately i have been feeling much more at peace, with everything. This is weird for me considering how depressed i have been for so long, Its weird not to feel this way all the time. Still i find myself enjoying the simple things more such as reading a book, or just playing the piano. Enjoying new music and always just surrounding myself with good people.
Seems every change i have made lately has greatly impacted these moods, im proud that i exercise everyday, i “try” to eat healthy most of the time, but every now and then you can’t beat a cheeseburger, and by no means am i overweight even in the slightest. On top of that i was able to quite smoking and i hardly ever drink anymore.
I suppose the only thing that’s missing and really the only thing that anyone really ever wants in the end is companionship. Even though its not something i necessarily need or really want at this huge transitional point in my life. Its still missing. Again though most girls kinda suck, my roommate says mostly its because there “california girls” i just think i look in all the wrong places. I’m a different man these days and even though it would be nice, I’m finally comfortable being alone.
One of the best nights i had recently was with a friend, and we talked about life, sat on the beach played guitar late into the night. I was telling her about why i bought a camera, and i don’t know if this is true for any “artist” not to say that i am one or really that i know anything about art. Anyway i bought a camera because there are moments in life that are so perfect and so rare that you only experience them once. Twice if your lucky! I think most people dismiss this because most of the moments that we pass are so rare but so minuscule. We as people seem to be more wrapped up in what other people are wearing or facebook to recognize these things anymore. Again not saying i haven’t been guilty of this but still.
I guess all in all i feel more a peace. And still i thank the people who know where i was and who was there for me. Its not easy to pull yourself out of a hole that seems to only get deeper, but now at least i can see the light at the top, and it looks pretty f***ing incredible from down here.

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