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Im 35 i look after our 3 kids at home all under 3 years of age while my wife goes out to work.
And im depressed. I didn’t even know i was depressed until i started getting very anxious, nervous and would suddenly burst into fits of verbal rage for no reason.
i will sometimes sit and stare out of the window for what feels like a couple of seconds only to get up check the clock and 1 hour has gone by. When im on my own i often cry for 5minits at a time for no reason. Strange i know!
im not the kind of person that’s sad.
Im normally the one in our house who is the optimist or the motivator now even though i sleep well, i just seem to have no energy left in me.
i chose to stay at home and raise my children and i love taking care of them, i just feel so isolated and that the rest of the world is passing my by.
i just cant seem to get my emotions under control, im either very happy or very sad, laughing or crying.
i had an argument with my wife last night that spilled over to this morning, i said some mean things to her and have no idea why i said them…
She dose understand what im going through a little as she stayed home with our first son for 1year.
I don’t think its a case of me feeling emasculated, i think its more of a case of feeling isolated and lost.
So anyway im writing this down on here to try and explain to myself what im feeling,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to motherhood. You will be loved and admired in the end.

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