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i have always been that girl who thinks before doing stupid action and i was like an old to my old sister! and when it comes to love i will think over and over and yes most of the times i was right it wasn’t love.
i believe people misunderstood what is love and what is that they actually experiencing is not love is liking that’s why i have never been in a relationship and never will be , the only one i am going to love is my husband.
but now here he comes though i have never talked to him but i always want to see him
my day is ugly if i don’t see him
so is it love is a crush?! my mind already know the answer but for this one time i don’t want to think

2 thoughts on “is it love or just a crush

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you have never talked to him, and only enjoy seeing him, I would say that it is simply a crush. This means that you love the idea of him, not actually him. As attractive as this boy may be, you don’t actually know him. And believe it or not, personality can make or break whether you like a person. Love is when you accept every piece of them, feel comfortable, and appreciate flaws. I wouldn’t go there just yet. Good Luck .xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank u!
    altough i’ve already known the answer but i needed someone to confirm it.
    but am trying to get to know him and maybe i’ll change my mind about him.

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