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Posted by on 2013/02/23 under Uncategorized

I have gone through a lot, but started life pretty protected, but things change. and I am ok (even happy with parts of it) But my family is in a hard place and I have been trying to take care of them although just got away to persure my dream of a doctorate. And I have a boyfriend who is nice and helpful, he makes wonderful food and is kind in unspoken sorts of ways. But not spoken, maybe its silly, but I want him to let me know he admired little things about me-looks, intel, how hard I work, how I try to be kind and fair…but he says nothing. Maybe mumbled once that hes not into compliments. But even when he is joking, its a mean joke. It gets to be eventually. I blame myself for coming out of such a bad place in my life that I would meet someone and allow him to treat me this way….or maybe I am just sad and putting all the responsibility on him. I don’t know why I am writing here, it gives me a break from the work and my problems to get them on paper but I feel like a need a solution. This is boring and long—but I would just love a good hug and ‘you can do it, your great and special and have something to offer the world.

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