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I hate my stupid life and I’m only 11. My brother sisters are so mean to me and they try to hurt me, cause I’m the baby in the family. I wish my family was happy. I live in Florida and my other sister lives in Colorado and her baby. Everyday is bad for me, I cry all the time cause I miss my neice and my sister. I have dreams about them, hey are all alike. It starts like this, I was done with cheer and I step outside and there they are I go over there to hug them and right when I hug my sister I wake up then I cry. My mom said they might come down to Florida, I was so happy I can’t wait to see them, but when i do see them oneday I would hug them to deth I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM SO MUCH…I pray every night for them to have money to come down. I say to god that I love them so much and I wish they have money and they will never go away ever again.

One thought on “My stupid life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just pray (:
    I will pray for you dont give up!

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