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Posted by on 2013/02/19 under Uncategorized

hey guys this is my first time using this and i just want to write how i feel. dont really like writing on paper and dont really have someone to talk to so im ju8st gu8nna vent.

its crazy how some things start. new job, new life, new everything. in not even a year my life has flipped up side down. i have gone from graduating and having a job, to nothing but a room and a friend. i see it as something new to experience in life, good or bad.Thats ju8st how life is i guess, full of different experiences. i guess its for the better though. like they say, one door closes and another5 one opens, just be warey of whats behind that door.

its really farely easy to tell if something good or5 bad is in your life, but the hard part is determining if it will stay that way forever. good things go sour and terrible losses could lead to great achievments. it all just depends on how you percieve it that determins how it ends. lifes tricky and friends are gratious

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