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Ahh love. Loving someone…is it a feeling? An instinct? What is it? What makes us feel this unbridled passion and…love…(for lack of another word) for another human being, whether it be a male or a female. It can’t be the way the person looks, for I fell in love for personality. But also, it can’t be for the personality, because many girls (myself not excluded) fall in love for looks. To sum it up in my words, it’s an impossible puzzle which only the truest of lovers can solve, for they are the only ones who have experienced this. Many people feel as if they’ll never find love. I feel that way all the time. But according to many other people, there’s a perfect lover for everyone. Maybe if we took a step back we could see them all.

Thanks for reading my stupid ramblings,

P.S. I am not drink or high, simply writing down what I thought about during my shower.

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