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im scared to death, one day ill be 75, time does fly,and ill regret having lost you forever, my love, but now your gone, gone with the wind.

you were soft and loyal. brave and wise. I made you my king
and I worshiped you, soaked your skin in gold, lavender and honey feather wings.
my arms will hold you…

One day we woke up as mortals, speaking in deferent languages, i had created a whole in your chest.

You became a cold creature of the night, your smile is neither soothing neither hopeful anymore. Your eyes still have their warmth, but they’ve lost their calm wisdom, your hair was cut short, you grew a beard, and wrinkles covered your eyes, the ones of tiredness.

and i sleep with a blond boy now, i search for you in my dreams, i search for you in panic when i wake up in the middle of the night. i am alone. inside velvet loneliness.

i miss the creatures that were born in our souls when they met each other. they were murdered on a monday morning, in london.

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