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just can’t make my self so freaking weak yet strong mind curving corners talking with my body and hoping that it will agree with me trying not tooooo excite my self I like having men friends they briting up the place and when they are being sooo patienct patence when they just sit back and let you take the wheel thinking of something else cold out side daughter hungry and I have too freaking cook like tooooo coooook though got toooo find a way tooo make my legg stop hurting running did not do it stretching did not do it jumping jacks did not do it hot water bottle did not do it I think I know a little way toooo help my legg but yeah not thinking of that another night alone but alive so far with the right dude I need forty spankings not all at once though I don’t like toooo use food in a negative way but pour some honey down my back make it warm may be some marshmellows tasting the warm honey on me sex wants me and I want sex toooo may be naw nutt …….

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