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running in the rain fills so freaking good to your body the rain hitting places that’s always covered I want to run more but moms is complaining exercising fills freaking good toooo almost better than sex need a drink of vodka and some smoke or pac dippers would be nice too but most of all the company of a single man would fill the best hope every body is safe and well and getting that love and giving just as well I think I might want a kiss a passionate kiss smooch yeah my legg is now trying tooooo fill better I want toooo run now no I am not running far but it fills just as good as if I ran thousands of miles hope this legg pain goes away soon I want to go on a drive at night and at day time I want tooo freaking suck and hump fill the touch of a singles man touch all over my body caressing me from head to toe spanking my little ass being a little ruff at the right time well my freaking mom is blowing me something she likes tooo do she is so freaking sneaky it is a shame then she tries tooo act like she knows nothing when all the long she is throughing wrenches in people ways mainly my way she wants to hold me down for her own purpose but she wants her son too succeed but she is trying to doo it sneaky all I can say is the back stabber need too receive the same treatment they give out I just want tooo get far away from her i’m not saying forever cause I care about her and as well as every body I want the best for all my energy is burning so much I can’t sleep I have tooo keep exercising so that I won’t think about sex sexing and all that I am afraid tooo touch a man cause I haven’t touched a man in a very long time I don’t want tooo break him I just want toooo love him up

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