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I cant help but feel that I have made the biggest mistake of my life. 1 year ago I finished my beauty therpy traning. Since then I have had two jobs and in both of thoes jobs my hours have been cut, twice in the space of 9months. Im 19 and have a I do enjoy beauty when I have full days of work but that only happens over xmass.
Having my hours cut twice in one year makes me feel like a really bad beauty therpist. My new boss is really hard to work for because she is so moody and does make me feel bad about my treatments when I no there not bad.
Im just so scard because now I am an adult and this is the path I have choosen but I dont want it to be my path.
I feel like I have just lost myself I just dont feel happy and thats not like me.
Ive f***ed up.

One thought on “Biggest mistake

  1. anon says:

    As you get older, your employers need to pay you more, therefore your hours get cut to make way for cheaper casual staff.

    My suggestion would be stick it out for a few more years, possibly do additional courses with your spare time.
    Save your money and when you have enough money saved to get a loan for you OWN business, do so, by then you will be able to put at least 5 years experience in your advertisement, and may have additional qualifications to throw in.

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