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Were having a baby but sometimes i feel like she wishes she wasnt. She never said it, but just by posting pics of when she wasnt pregnant on fb and ig, its so unappreciative of who she is now. It says to the public”i wish i had my old body” i cant f***in stand her ways of thinking.
Another thing is how she still has pictures, in fact, a whole album of her and her ex-bf on fb and she never deleted it over the past year. Um we live with eo and are supposedly getting married soon. She says its only memories that are in the past… lol smfh, like THAT is supposed to make me feel better, not to mention i found deleted e-mails she wrote to her ex bf telling him she loves him and will miss him so much when he moves away. Her reason is so f***in offensive to my intelligence that i feel shamed just writing this . I wish she would understand how the things she do affect our relationship and how people view us as a couple. I cant take no more. Weve broken up several times and went on a few breaks, i wish i could just leave but i cant. Ive done that to three other babies who i see often and are in my life but i wont do it again. So for babies sake i will make it work watever i have to do. Seeing how this girl acts blows my mind. Ive never met anyone that does the careless s*** she does and says, its like shes a f***ing alien. It makes me think i made a mistake leaving my family i had with my last bm for this! Reguardless off her ignorance to making relationships work, i love her and still have hope and faith, whats funny is, she is totally into god, but dresses and acts like a slut sometimes, which is only in my opinion,…..and the opinions of every other guy that looks at her lol according to her she is “just friendly” or “wearing this doesnt mean im a whore”….. but u f***in look like one b****! And going to school (college) in see thru spandex with no panties definitly does not help . Of course she doesnt know its see thru even though i told her a million times. When i complain about guys writing to her on fb messaging her, probably because there is not enough evidence that she has a man on her page at first glance, i get called selfish and immature.
Bottom line; i love her. We are both good looking people and anyone would be flabbergasted as to why in the F*** im still with this f***in woman. Especially having an anger problem, which is getting better as im working very hard on it. Please if someone sees this please pray for us if you believe in god, i want to be happy like everyone else and so does she. Im just fed up of being blamed for “starting arguments” when in actuality, if she didnt do some of the purely idiotic things she does there would be no complaints. Pray for the intelligent level of her brain to increase which combined with her good heart should make up for being naive and not having experience taking care of someones heart.

2 thoughts on “my gf is so f***in irritating immature naive clueless careless but i love her and i hate it.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I pray you have a good looking baby.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m very sorry but she sounds like a 13 year old girl. I don’t pray. but I really hope you can talk some sense into her. I wish you the best of luck! My ex bf was the same and I couldn’t take it anymore. I am now raising my child alone with out that selfish bastard. But, since you really f***ing love her than I really wish you luck. xo

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