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Posted by on 2013/01/19 under Uncategorized

No Brother, dearest, I do not think that I’m “the s***”. Do you know the REASONS that I act the way I do. Why I try to ignore your comments sometimes and why I roll my eyes when you threaten me? “I’ll make you into s***!” HA! That’s not even possible! Go ahead and try! Sometimes, I actually wish you would pull through with your threats! Anyway, I do the things I do because if I don’t, then I would break down and do something that I would regret. I HAVE TO act like nothing is wrong, I HAVE TO believe that everything is JUST FINE, that what I am doing at the time is FINE.
Would you rather that I break down into a nervous break down? I can do that. I find it kind of ironic that not two years ago, I said the same thing to you…

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