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I love her so much i would kill to get her back in my life she died of cancer and ive been heart broken eversince. i started dating her last january. I love this girl, I really do,and i love her so much that i would kill myself to be in heaven with her and to be with her for eternity. she is the warmth in my heart and the cold in my soul no one else will ever compare to the love i had with her and you wanna know why cause we loved eachother so much we had sex twice within 5 days of dating and believe it or not she is not a whore and im only her or was her 2nd boyfriend before she died of cancer. my sister asked what i would do if she was still alive i told her i would run to lo her in a place in lower michigan that was a town under detroit. i dont care if i got arrested for major 3rd degree murder for trying to get there i would find a way out and go to her no matter where she was if she didnt remember me or if no one let me go she is the only person on earth i met that i truly love and loved no matter what happens to her she is buatiful inside and out no matter if shes hunchback disabled or had cancer (which she did)because she has the most caring heart and soul a guy could ask for oh my god i wish she was still alive so she could meet my family and we could be together fore ever. her favorite song was perfect 2 by auburn its kinda ironic though since we actually were the perfect 2 and “our” song was i wont give up by jason maraz. she is the girl i wanted to marry and be with forever i wouldve bought her a 12000 dollar ring i had my i on since we met. the first kiss was awesome and weird i bought her a 5$ bunch of flowers she said thanks and as i was walking away she siad hey i dont know why but i really like you she rushed up kissed me on the mouth and said goodnight. to this day i still have dreams that I HATE and ask my best friend to wake me up if i fall asleep but its kinda hard when hes makin out with my sister all the time (their dating). oh and by the way im 12 and a half.

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