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I wish I wasn’t so nice. Everyone is always taking advantage of me. I respect everyone, never insult anyone, and am always willing to help, but no one treats me in the same way as I treat them, I have soooo many ‘friends’, but they are not really my friends, they are just people that talk to me when they need my help…I get really good grades, which is partially the reason, I have so many ‘friends’. And I’m just absolutely ugly, and have been told this by soo many people already…..I’m not wishing for a gf right now, I wish I could at least have some real friends, that would actually know the real me…thts another thing, because, nobody really knows me, I smile all the time,and never show any emotions to anyone….I just wish the world was a fairer place, and that everyone got what they deserved…why do nice people always get taken advantage of??????? 🙁 why cant everyone be nice??? I wish that god(if there is) would really modify this world to be a better place….I’m not only wishing for myself, but I really wish there would be world peace, no wars, no racism, everyone has water, food, shelter…I wish god would do something to help the world, as the world advances in technology, the world is becoming even worse. I only care about the better of the world, Im willing to sacrifice anything, including my life, if I can be sure that the world will be a better place. Maybe if I wasn’t so nice, I wouldn’t care abt the world, and I would actually just be normal like people my age (16 years), only worrying about girls, money and partying…seriously why can’t the whole world be better 🙁 there are just so many things wrong in the world, I really wish I could change the world and make it a better place, I don’t want anything in return. Its ok if I can just somehow make the world a better place 🙁 The only way I will be satisfied that I have achieved something in my life is if I can make the world a better place……….
Well I know no one will even bother reading this, let alone actually making the world a better place to live in…..
I’m sorry for the extremely long text, but I don’t have a diary……
Hopefully the world will be a better place soon…….

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