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Do you believe in soul mates? I know many people don’t. I do though, and I found mine. She is amazing, beautiful, funny, smart, and my very best friend in the world. My very luck though, she doesn’t know what she wants. I know what I want, It’s her. Just her, all of her, through and through. Now she isn’t talking to me, and I feel like the last few weeks has been more like 100,000 years of endless torture. Most people would say, you are just desperate and what you think you have is fake. The difference is that I fell in love with her because I got to know her completely. What do people do when they lose their soul mate? How do you get her back? Or are you just doomed to an eternity of loneliness?

Love Mandy the Hopeless lesbian in love.

2 thoughts on “What can you do when you’ve lost your soul mate?

  1. Mumblez says:

    I think I know how you feel, and feel like I’m in a similar situation. I don’t really have a straight answer for you other than time heals all.

    Give it time. She may see you as her soul mate too, but know that if she doesn’t it’ll take time to get over her, especially if you’re in love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do believe in soul mates. For me, if things are meant to be, it will happen. I think you need to talk to her and see. Wait. Love other people maybe. But do not give up because you do not know how she feels..xx

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