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Life is so annoying! I feel stressed out by stuff that aren’t important, or shouldn’t be ! And i think to myself that if i relax for a day it will be better but it doesn’t !! It doesn’t matter how many days i relax, i don’t feel relaxed, infact i feel depressed when i just lay at home to relax! This is so annoying! I feel like my mind is going crazy thinking about so many things !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can learn how to meditate. It was the best thing I’ve ever learned. All you do is sit there, count your breathes, and clear your mind. Or you could listen to some music if meditation is too hard. I love The Cinematic Orchestra it calms me down a whole lot. Just do relaxing things that you love and really focus on the moment at hand. Take a bubble bath, write in a journal, call an old friend or a relative you miss. Just clear your brain for awhile. .xx

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